Monday, August 10, 2009

Vision in White (by Nora Roberts)

This was a fun/easy read. If you love weddings and romance, you'll love this book. Its the first of four books in a series by Nora Roberts. I like Nora Roberts series (I read the Garden Series a few years back). I'm not sure when the 2nd one "Bed of Roses" is due out, but I heard in October. A group of four women, who have been best friends forever, start a wedding business at an estate that belongs to one of the four women. One woman is a photographer, one is a florist, another a baker, and another wedding planner. Each book is about each different woman. As you might tell from the title of this book, this book talks about the photographer - Mac. She is fun, witty, a little bit messed up, and easily relateable to. I recommed this book to anyone who wants a good, quick, light read. And, you'll find yourself wondering if there is another Carter Maguire out there for you too!
Rating: CPD the last half, it was a litte slow at the beginnig.
Movie: Nope.
Up next: Julie and Julia: A Year of Cooking Dangerously (by Julie Powell)

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