Friday, July 31, 2009

The Pact (by Jodi Picoult)

I swear I don't always just read good books. I know it seems that way from all my CPD reviews as of late. This is another one of the CPD. I read this book because it is for my gal friends and I's monthly "book club" in August. I really liked it. If you are in the mood for a light hearted read, this isn't for you. It tackles a full range of aspects - friendship, love, commitment, legal, ethics, family, and the impact one person can have on another. Jodi Picoult always tackles the sensitive issues, and this one is definitely in that realm. It made me think about the implications of deep relationships and what it really means when you put someone above your own needs. I recommend this book, but only if you are in the mood for a thought-provoking dive into the human psyche.
Rating: CPD
Movie: The front of the book says it was made into a Lifetime Movie, I'll have to check that one out.
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (by JK Rowling)

I don't need to put a picture of this book on here because I'm going to go ahead and assume everyone knows what it looks like. I have to admit, I did not read any of the other Harry Potter books (well I read bits and pieces of the first one a while ago). I have just seen the movies over the past 7 or so years and I enjoy them. Well, after watching the last movie at the theater, I decided I didn't want to wait a year to find out how it all ended. So, I bought my first harry potter book, which happened to be the last one, and dove in. Man, was I hooked. I could not put this thing down. Everywhere I went I took the book with me in my oversized purse (even to the play I saw last week). I finished it this past weekend. It took me a week to get through all 750 pages. It was awesome, gripping, intriguing. It wrapped so many things up and made me wish I had read them all along. I definitely appreciated the characters a lot more. Maybe next summer I'll tackle the two prior to this last one. We shall see!

Rating: CPD x a million

Movie: Part one and two next year.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

One For the Money (by Janet Evanovich)

I also read this book while on vacay (took me a total of one day). My mom is a big fan of this series and gave me the first five books to read, and then to return for the next 5. I think there are a total of 15 books now. I know I'm a bit late on the bandwagon, considering this book has been out since the lat 90s, but sometimes it takes me a while.
I really enjoyed this book. It was an easy read, entertaining, and addictive. Its a mystery book about a female bounty hunter and her escapades. The writing is witty, just the way I like it. This story line was her first adventure, her being the main character Stephanie Plum, as a bounty hunter, because she needed some extra money. Its qutie humorous to read about her adventure with this new job and no experience. I look forward to reading books 2-15!
Rating: CPD.
No movie, although a tv series would be pretty cute!
UP Next: Still Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows.

Firefly Lane (by Kristin Hannah)

I read this book while on vacay in Mexico last week. I picked it up on a recommend from a fellow bookworm. Best recommend ever. If you are a girl, best friend, wife, daughter, woman, and mother, you'll enjoy and relate to this book. Firefly Lane follows a thirty year friendship of two girls that meet in the awkward throes of junior high, one seemingly outgoing girl and one seemingly insecure girl, both lonely. I think I related to both women throughout the book as they dove through different facets of life, whether its a crush, or choosing a career path or family, or accepting that the most important people in your life is the girl sitting next to you letting you cry on their shoulder, that you often times take for granted. This book has a realistic ending, and I won't say you won't need a box of tissues (just a hint). I got through this book in about 3 days. Granted, I was on vacation, with nothing to do but read this book, lay by the pool, and sip fruity drinks, but I think you will find yourself wanting to read it at every free moment you have.
Rating: CPD
I don't think a movie is being made about this book, but think "Beaches".
Up next: Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows