Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Postmistress (by Sarah Blake)

I picked this book up in the book shop at the airport on my way to NYC. I love buying books at the airport, I don't know why. Its a bad habit, well bad habit for my wallet. In any case, I really enjoyed this book, and I finished it by the time I made it back to Texas. This book is about a small town during World War II (before the U.S. became involved), and reporters who were covering The Blitz in London. Their lives of course end up mixing in the end. I thought the book was a well written fictional novel about life during World War II before we entered the war. The small town was located in Massachusetts, and there was a lot of fear of a German invasion during this time. I also learned more about The Blitz than I knew before reading the book. The book really dived into many different lives and perspectives during that time. It is not a "happy" book per se, but rather a character study. I recommend this book if you like to read about WWII (which I do) and if you like romance and relationships.

Up next: Sarah's Key (another WWII book)