Friday, July 17, 2009

Firefly Lane (by Kristin Hannah)

I read this book while on vacay in Mexico last week. I picked it up on a recommend from a fellow bookworm. Best recommend ever. If you are a girl, best friend, wife, daughter, woman, and mother, you'll enjoy and relate to this book. Firefly Lane follows a thirty year friendship of two girls that meet in the awkward throes of junior high, one seemingly outgoing girl and one seemingly insecure girl, both lonely. I think I related to both women throughout the book as they dove through different facets of life, whether its a crush, or choosing a career path or family, or accepting that the most important people in your life is the girl sitting next to you letting you cry on their shoulder, that you often times take for granted. This book has a realistic ending, and I won't say you won't need a box of tissues (just a hint). I got through this book in about 3 days. Granted, I was on vacation, with nothing to do but read this book, lay by the pool, and sip fruity drinks, but I think you will find yourself wanting to read it at every free moment you have.
Rating: CPD
I don't think a movie is being made about this book, but think "Beaches".
Up next: Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows

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