Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (by JK Rowling)

I don't need to put a picture of this book on here because I'm going to go ahead and assume everyone knows what it looks like. I have to admit, I did not read any of the other Harry Potter books (well I read bits and pieces of the first one a while ago). I have just seen the movies over the past 7 or so years and I enjoy them. Well, after watching the last movie at the theater, I decided I didn't want to wait a year to find out how it all ended. So, I bought my first harry potter book, which happened to be the last one, and dove in. Man, was I hooked. I could not put this thing down. Everywhere I went I took the book with me in my oversized purse (even to the play I saw last week). I finished it this past weekend. It took me a week to get through all 750 pages. It was awesome, gripping, intriguing. It wrapped so many things up and made me wish I had read them all along. I definitely appreciated the characters a lot more. Maybe next summer I'll tackle the two prior to this last one. We shall see!

Rating: CPD x a million

Movie: Part one and two next year.

Up Next: The Pact (by Jodi Piccoult)

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