Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Commencement (by J. Courtney Sullivan)

I enjoyed this book. It was a light reading until the very end when it turned into a mystery. Kind of threw me for a loop. This book follows 4 women, from when they first meet at the all girls - Smith College, to when they are in their late twenties in respective different areas of the world/life. It's told from each of the 4 girls perspectives, which is interesting because it also talks about events that happened in their lives from different point of view. There's the feminist girl, the snob, the rich girl, and the laid back chick. I related to a lot of the book, as in relationships I formed in College and how life is like for the relationship four years later. It read really fast, and kept you pretty enthralled. It dealt with love, dreams, growing up, not wanting to grow up, losing touch, and also when its a good time to be opinionated about a friend's choices and when you should just keep your mouth shut. I recommend this book for a light end of summer read, but watch out for the last 100 pages, will surprise ya.

Up next: The Likeness (by Tana French) and The Art of Racing in the Rain (by Garth Stein) (for book club)

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