Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dead Until Dark (by Charlaine Harris)

Okay, who doesn't enjoy a little juicy/easy read every once in a while? I know I thoroughly enjoy it! After reading Same Kind of Different As Me, I needed a lighter book to enjoy. (oh, I forgot to mention, when you read Same Kind of Different As Me make sure you have a kleenex box next to you towards the end of the book, just saying...). I went home to visit the mom and wound up with the whole Dead Until Dark series loaded into my SUV to take back with me to Houston. Dead Until Dark is the book that is the basis for "True Blood" on HBO. A fave of mine. I was interested to see how closely the show stuck to the book and well it does a pretty good job (now granted I've only read the first book, there are about 8 more to go). This book is about Sookie Stackhouse, who lives in the fictional town of Bon Temps, Louisiana. Vampires have just entered the human world, and some are strikingly handsome. Like I said, if you have seen the first season of True Blood, then you know what this book is about. For those that don't watch it or don't have HBO, it is about Sookie meeting the vampire Bill who is trying to go "main stream" into society and live among humans. The book follows their love story, and other trial/tribulations/murders that take place along the way. Its enjoyable and an easy read. Now I just need to tackle the other 8 books (i'm bad at keeping up with series).

Rating: Good, but could put down.

Up Next: Sisters (by Danielle Steel) (yes you read that right, I even checked it out from the Public Library!)

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