Friday, October 1, 2010

In Cold Blood (by Truman Capote)

I have a fascination (albeit strange) of true crime stories. So, when I was reading about a sad sad story on CNN the other day, my co-worker suggested I read In Cold Blood. And I did. And I liked it. Can you really say you like a nonfiction story about a family that gets murdered? In any case, I didn't "enjoy" it, but found it intensely interesting. And, well, Truman Capote was just an amazing story teller. I was thoroughly engaged and felt like I knew every side of the story of what happened to that tragic family. If you don't know what this book is about, it basically, in detail, describes the before, during, and after of the murder of a family in Kansas, from the perspective of everyone involved - the killers, the towns people, and the police/detectives. Yea, a very happy book. But apparently, Truman Capote went to Holcombe and researched heavily into the murders, and, according to some stories, striked up a friendship with one of the killers. I recommend this book if only that it is in and of itself a "classic." But, if you get scared easily, I would not recommend it. It is very real.

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